How To Create Interactive Images For A Website

This post will tell you how to create interactive images for your website.

Create An Account

In order to create an interactive image first you have to head over to and create an account.

Upload your first interactive image

After the registration you will be redirect where you can upload your first image.

Create the hotspots

Create the hotspots by clicking on the image. After a left click on the image a form will appear on the left side where you can fill out the information and describe the hotspot.

Copy the embed code

To get the embed code you have to click the "embed image" button. An overlay will appear which contains the code snipped that you have to copy and paste into your cms in order to use the image. There are two options to embed the image with an js/html snippet (recommended) and via iframe. To get the iframe code click on the "alternative iframe integration" link.

Embed the image

After you copied the embed code simply paste it with your cms solution for example wordpress.


When you save your edited content / page you should see your first interactive image.

Interactive Image Example